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Ruth Ledesma 
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The Future is All About Offering Coaching Programs to Your Clients 

Often clients feel more comfortable -- more safe -- when enrolled in a program with a predetermined 'agenda' and time frame.  Many times that feeling of safety is the difference between their hiring you and receiving the benefits of coaching or their continuing with their lives as before.  And in your heart, don't you want everyone to experience the benefits of coaching just as you have?

There are a lot of coaching programs available.  You can be certified to provide most any program at Coachville or many of the other coach training programs.  And they are good programs!  Most came from the prolific master coach himself, Thomas Leonard.

A Coaching Program of Your Very Own

But wouldn't you like to have a program that is uniquely yours?  Something that no one else can offer except you?  Unless you decide to license or franchise it yourself to extend the benefits to even more people and generate passive income for yourself.

That's where I come in with my Trellis Programsm.  I call on my experience and natural abilities as a coach and as a design strategist to help smart coaches like you create exclusive, custom designed coaching programs. 

Depending on the extent of services, your investment in making sure you have all rights to the coaching program will likely be less than the income it can generate in one year.  That means you can expect a significant ROI over the years by successfully providing the services to coaching clients as well as licensing or franchising the program to other coaches. 

Expect BIG Benefits from Your Exclusive Coaching Program

I use the acronym BIG when talking about the benefits of a custom coaching program.  BIG benefits for the coach, include: 

  • B means Building a Brand: a program of your own helps potential clients and referral sources easily recognize and remember your name and services
  •  I means Increased Income: with a proprietary coaching program, your practice can be up and running in record time and the income lasts longer because you can license the program to other coaches and generate passive income even after you retire from active coaching
  • G means Game plan: a custom designed coaching program can be the foundation on which a profitable coaching practice is built.  It gives you the additional clarity you need to explain what you are offering your clients, the structure of a familiar format that makes it easier for the client to buy, and focuses your services on the precise intersection of your passionate offering and the client's passionate desire/need.
The client too has BIG benefits from your offering a custom coaching program:
  • B means Buy with greater trust, ease and confidence
  •  I means an Intense Focus on what the client sees as the most important situation to be addressed
  • G means the Goals are clearly defined and achieved in the expected parameters

Trellis eBook Available: Only $9.95!

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Trellis Program:  Add Structure to Your Coaching and Profitability to Your Practice with a Custom Designed Coaching Program
The only book on this topic, this eBook promotes and explains the fundamentals of designing a coaching program.  Written exclusively for other coaches, it includes 
  • Two Major Reasons Coaching Practices Don't Thrive
  • Five Key Components of "Buyability"
  • Three Simple Steps to Designing Your Own Custom Coaching Program
And more tips specifically to help you determine if you are ready for a custom designed coaching program of your very own! 

Get your copy of this ground-breaking eBook for only $9.95! 
Order NOW!  Guaranteed delivery within 24 hrs. 

The Trellis Programsm 

The Trellis Programsm takes that sprawling, unstructured "Rambling Rose" of a service called coaching and supports its growth in a specific area of your "Garden" of a coaching practice in such a way that you can enjoy the "Beauty and Fragrance" of your success as a coach.   (So maybe I am pushing the analogy a bit, but you get the idea.)

The Trellis Programsm provides nine sessions of strategic consulting on designing a profitable custom coaching program that matches your talents and experience with the needs of your target market.  Delivery and interaction is typically by phone and the Internet with three scheduled calls per month and unlimited e-mail.  (It is possible to move faster through the process by having more frequent calls, but this seldom happens.)   You can reasonably expect to have approximately eight hours of program content material when you complete the Trellis Programsm.

Participation and retainers are as follows:

  • Individual:  $2400. ASK IF YOU QUALIFY FOR A DISCOUNT!  
  • Small Group of 3-5 people:  $1500 each.
  • Duo Group of 2 people:  $1800 each.
NEW: An Expanded Trellis Programsm is now available!

The Expanded Trellis Programsm is designed to assist in creating larger coaching programs which require more than eight hours of content material.  An annual program such as that used so successfully by Chris Barrow, for example, could require 24 hours or more of content material.  Pricing for the Expanded Trellis Programsm starts with $2000 for eight hours of content, plus $150 for each additional hour of content material needed to deliver the size coaching program you have in mind.

Convenient payment plans available: no refunds except in extreme circumstances.
A discount is always available to anyone who forms a group.

If you are ready for BIG benefits for both you and your coaching clients, e-mail and let's get you moving.  You deserve a profitable custom coaching program of your very own!

Bottom Line -- Success is all about YOU !

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