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Ruth Ledesma - The Real Person

Table of Contents:

What is Ruth Ledesma like as a person? 
What are her more positive attributes?
What are some things she really, really enjoys?
What are some of her more negative attributes?

Ruth Ledesma
Professional Coach
Creative Strategist

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  Who I am as a person

If I must condense myself into a few short words:  I am a very bright Southern woman totally devoted to 

  • Thinking bigger  
  • Playing bigger  
  • Living bigger 
and loving every moment of it! 

Inside this much older body lives a 22 year old with lots and lots of experience!

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Some of my more positive attributes
  • Loving and compassionate, a born "encourager" 
  • A cherishing and supportive friend 
  • Mother of 
    • Alison, severely brain injured just after birth and living now at St. Coletta, probably the best residential facility in the world for people with a wide range of developmental and/or acquired disabilities 
    • Patricia, gifted and wondrously beautiful in every way -- a constant source of amazement and joy 
  • Nurturer of a gazillion people, plants, dogs, cats, birds, fish, farm animals, hermit crabs -- you name it 
  • Near infinite patience with those who have disabilities 
  • Convinced that in a good marriage is the best place to be 
  • Able to laugh at almost anything, especially myself 
  • Gifted strategist and problem-solver  
  • Consummate counselor and coach 
  • Author: Coaching by the Book 
  • Author of two eBooks: Trellis Programsm & The Nitty Gritty Guide to Getting a Job
  • .... No limits to my curiosity 
  • Creative, yet still searching for exactly the right medium -- maybe it's designing coaching programs? 
  • Definitely a lifetime learner 
  • Passionate about making it possible for those with disabilities to live as richly and fully as anyone else 
  • Living a solid, healthy, well balanced life, including  
    • Constant personal growth and development, especially spiritually 
    • A past which is settled and resolved and doesn't come back to haunt me 
    • An outer life that reflects my inner truth:  psychologists call it "congruence" and coaches call it "integrity" 
    • Healthy boundaries and standards 
    • Getting my needs met in a healthy manner 
    • Coming from a positive place: no interest in negativity 
    • Creating reserves of love, money, time, "space," etc. in every aspect of my life 
    • A strong, cherishing community of friends and associates  
    • Simplicity 
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Some things I really, really enjoy
  • Bringing an abstract concept into concrete reality 
  • Deep conversations with like-minded people 
  • Talking with my daughter Patricia 
  • Interacting with my friends 
  • Learning, learning, learning 
  • Mysteries 
  • Figuring things out 
  • Hugs with almost everyone I know 
  • Classical music, especially Mozart 
  • Some jazz, especially Jobim 
  • Growing things 
  • Sitting in the shade on warm sunny days with cool breezes 
  • The colors of the Caribbean Sea 
  • Southern drawls 
  • Being blonde 
  • Laughing -- a lot!! 
  • Waking up without an alarm clock 
  • Never having to hurry 
  • Sound of raindrops on a tin roof (or a skylight) 
  • Champaign bubbles 
  • Sumptuous food 
  • Babies 
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Some of my more negative attributes

Lest you think I am some kind of egotistical monster, here's a little list of my shortcomings -- but only the ones to which I will admit.

  • Really impatient at times 
  • Need to write things out in order to express myself really well 
  • Still a long way to go as a public speaker 
  • Easily discombobulated in crowds 
  • Somewhat numbers impaired 
  • When I talk about myself I ramble on and on 
  • Not really great at compromise 
    • If I care, then I want it my way 
    • If I don't care, then it can be anybody's choice 
    • I really, really like to have things my way 
  • Haven't found any exercise I like better than reading a book 
  • Not usually concerned with details 
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